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I would love to be your boudoir photographer...

Take a look around and reach out if I can answer any questions for you.

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Almost Art Boudoir

Kindness draws kindness... a few words from those I've worked with.

Let me say that I've never been so nervous in all my life!  My husband bought me a gift certificate for my session and I thought he was a made man for it.  


I made the consultation appointment just to appease him and Che was so genuine with his passion for creating art and wanting to show the beauty in the world that I made the appointment for my session and never looked back.


It was more fun than I could have imagined.  My husband came along and watching him smile at me in the background just made everything so much easier.  Che was so great, including him on pose ideas and everything.  We just love the images and the whole experience was amazing. - Jamie



My favorite part of the shoot was that I got to see myself in a different perspective. It made me feel beautiful again, even with all the imperfections of carrying children. I told my best friends and family that Che made everything so easy! I didn’t have to know how to pose. I didn’t have to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. I honestly think a boudoir session would help anyone feel better about themselves, it sure did for me. - Tabitha



If you've ever had cancer, you know what it does to self esteem.  I felt so far from beautiful that the word barely existed in my mind anymore.  My sister had a session with Che and convinced me that I should work with him myself.  It took a lot of convincing.


Instead of coming away with tears and shame, I found myself looking at myself in a different light... literally.  Che "wrapped me in light and shadow" as he called it and what he showed me was nothing short of a miracle.  I cried right there in front of him from the images he showed me.


I feel beautiful again.  I feel like the woman I thought had died when my breasts were removed.  I couldn't recommend working with Che enough to anyone who wants to reclaim themselves, for whatever reason. - Lisa


This was my first time ever doing portraits like this, but I knew for years that I wanted to do one for my wife. I was so nervous the night before and morning of, but Che helped me feel not only at ease, but he made me feel like a model! He had told me beforehand that it was going to be relaxed and casual, but that was an understatement.  He is so good at posing you, making you feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin, and some how did all this without touching me or making me feel uncomfortable at all.  I got my pics the next day and they were all stunning! I never thought I could look at a picture of myself and be like “wow that girl is hot!”. My wife loves the pictures, but I’ve probably looked at them more than she has, so it really ended up being for me, just as much as her.  I can’t encourage any woman enough to get her boudoir pics done with Che. We are already working on a second session with the both of us together. - Asha


I'm not what you would call a girly girl.  In fact, I was raised by my dad to be tougher and meaner than my brothers.  I can say that I am in all aspects.  I've always wanted to feel more like a woman, but it's been hard to see myself that way when I've been on the tractor for 12 hours and just want to fall into bed.  I bought myself a session with Che as a birthday/New years gift to myself.  I cancelled twice, had to reschedule 2 more times before I finally ran out of excuses, nearly 6 months later.  After meeting Che for coffee, I knew I had made the right choice.  His whole personality exudes confidence in his work and his desire to prove that I was just as beautiful as any other woman was a challenge I couldn't back down from.  He suggested we use my tractor and work ethic to our advantage, and do a shoot on my farm.  HELL NO, was my first response, as it is my family farm.  However, the more I thought about it, I knew the perfect spot and time to do it.  I called him, made my suggestion, and although it was nearly an hour drive for him, he was on board.  I was full on blown away by the images we took.  I nearly cried, but, can't be seen doing that, but I look at them all the time when I'm feeling ugly.  Proof that I can look that good makes me feel incredible.  I'm happy to recommend him any time I get the chance.  I'm also looking forward to the holidays when we can do another session. - Heather


I'm a ballet dancer and have always wanted action shots of me dancing.  I invited Che to one of my shows so that he could capture me in flight.  They turned out so well that I decided to do a one on one session with his shadow series.  I'm comfortable with my body and in my skin, but being nude while dancing isn't something I've ever thought about.  He suggested I bring along my favorite piece of music and just dance, no posing, just dance and see what happens.  I, of course, got lost in my music and the images are better than any art I've seen around ballet dance.  I actually had one framed and hanging in my home studio that doesn't show my face.  No one has ever recognized it was me.  I have since done 3 more session with Che, each time in the same style, and each time has been just as magical. I'm trying to convince on of my troop to do some with me.  Can never say enough good words about Che.  You won't be disappointed. - Sasha


I'll be in touch soon, thank you.

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