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I would love to be your boudoir photographer...

Take a look around and reach out if I can answer any questions for you.

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Almost Art Boudoir

In photography, boudoir is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sensual images.


Traditionally, women pose in lingerie for fine art photographs to share with their significant other. Today, this art of boudoir is far more casual with poses, wardrobe, and reasons for why they do them.  No longer are they strictly for a loved one, but for the strength in seeing who you are in your skin, right now.


These portraits are sensual and sexy and are always empowering. Nudity is required, a simple t-shirt can be just as elegant.  No matter what the style of your portraits, you will see them as art, as will anyone else you share them with.

Photo albums from your boudoir session make for the perfect wedding day, holiday, anniversary and birthday gifts. Not to mention, bridal boudoir for a groom's gift has become extremely popular. Just remember, you don't need a special occasion. 

Che Graves

30 years behind the camera and going strong.  When you find your purpose in life, you can't help but share it with the whole world.  This is what I do in my photography, create beautiful images of beautiful places and beautiful people.

I feel compelled to convince everyone I work with how beautifully perfect they are in this moment.  No matter what road led you here, it helped you create the most amazing of people, you.  Let me show that to you, and to those you share your artwork with.

Come with me to celebrate the journey you have had and the path leading ahead.  Lets show the world what true beauty looks like... you.

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 “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” – Lucille Ball

I'll be in touch soon, thank you.

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Almost Art Boudoir
Che Graves
Serving the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas
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