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When you are looking for a warm, casual experience for your portrait needs, I'll be there...

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Almost Art Photography
Che Graves - Photographer

Has it really been 30 years since I first picked up a camera?... I guess it has.  My life would never be the same again. Something that I could hold in my hand gave me the power to freeze time and preserve memories.  Each time I pick up my camera, I hold the truth of what I'm capturing.  I manifest a portal to the past, full of laughter, love, and fond memories that you get to visit any time you like.

I have been published in small and grand ways.  Worked with models from all over the world. Awards, and recognition from all kinds.  Taught many a curious mind... In the end, these things mean little if I can't give you something beautiful to take home.  I'm happy to talk about such things, as they are fond memories, but in truth, I look forward to working with you and finding that one thing that makes you stand apart from everyone else.

The path has been long, and I hope to continue the journey of creating beautiful images for as longs I live.  I invite you along to see the wonders that each of us hold inside.  I personally promise to casually, yet creatively, guide you to help make your own memories.  Whether the portraits we create are a gift for another, or for yourself, you won't be disappointed in what you see.

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